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Canon Selphy Printer Driver

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Version: 4.0

Released on: 20-10-2006

Operating system(s): Mac OS X 10.2.x, Mac OS X 10.3.x, Mac OS X 10.4.x, Mac OS X 10.4.x (Intel)
Language(s): English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Supported product(s)


SELPHY400x.dmg (5121 Kb.)

Canon Selphy Printer CP780

Canon has expanded its line of compact photo printer SELPHY new model SELPHY CP780. Issued to replace the SELPHY CP760, this ultra-compact printer offers a much higher speed. Easy to use and affordable, it allows you to easily create lab-quality photos in just a few seconds. And with an optional battery Printer SELPHY CP780, available in pink, blue, silver or white casing, provides full-featured mobile printing in any environment.

Easier than ever to have been

SELPHY CP780 is equipped with intuitive user interface and large buttons for easy control panel, allowing the printer to work with everyone can. Large color LCD TFT-screen (2,5 «) allows you to preview an image when printing from a memory card. Simple and clear instructions and menus are available in 7 languages.

SELPHY CP780 is equipped with three slots for memory cards. Printer supports direct printing from memory cards of various popular formats without connecting to kompyuteru1. PictBridge compatibility means that users can print photos directly from most digital cameras. And the optional Bluetooth adapter to print pictures from mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Included with the SELPHY CP780 is supplied an updated, easy-to-use software SELPHY Photo Print, which includes audiorukovodstvo offering verbal instructions when you print from your computer. This feature is especially useful for children or for those who first took up printing photos.

Long-lasting lab-quality photos

SELPHY CP780 can print on media of various sizes, including standard cards or widescreen pictures, credit cards or mini-stickers. Print speed is only 47 sekund2. And due to the small boot time, you can not wait until the printer warms up, and get their pictures in a few seconds.

Technology transfer Dye sublimation allows the images to get a smooth glossy surface, thereby creating the impression that they were made in a traditional darkroom. A special coating protects the prints from the spray and pour any liquid. When properly stored in an album of quality remains unchanged for 100 let3.

In the SELPHY CP780 implemented smart technology greatly improves image quality: the automatic image adjustment and automatic red-eye automatically optimize each image

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* Ultra-compact and affordable photo printer
* Ease of use: a simple user interface, large buttons, audiorukovodstvo
* Direct printing from compatible cameras and most memory cards *
* Durability of prints: 100 years *
* Printing speed — just 47 seconds *, small boot
* Technology transfer Dye sublimation printing for lab-quality photos
* Color TFT-LCD screen with a diagonal of 2.5 inches
* An optional battery pack for printing on the go
* An optional Bluetooth adapter for printing photos from wireless devices
* Printers are available in pink, blue, silver or white casing

* For more information, see the specifications.

1 The following memory cards can be used without an adapter: CompactFlash, Microdrive, SD, miniSD, SDHC, miniSDHC, MMC, MMCplus, HD MMCplus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo.

2 See specifications.

3 Indicator 100 years was obtained during the accelerated tests. For more information, see specifications.

Canon Selphy Printer CP790

Canon has introduced the SELPHY CP790 — Smart and compact photo printer, which prints professional quality can be obtained easier than ever before.

Stylish design SELPHY CP790 provides maximum ease of use. Due to the large LCD display with 3-inch and Easy-Scroll Wheel you can instantly configure and manage the printer. SELPHY CP790 offers a variety of fun patterns and designs, in which people of all ages will be able to creatively arrange your photos. And the automatic correction ensure high-quality pictures without any effort.

«With products Canon has always been easy to do professional photography — says Fyuyres Rainer (Rainer Feuhres), director of consumer products Canon, — but the latest model printer SELPHY marks a transition to a new level. Comfortable, smart, simple and fun, SELPHY CP790 — the perfect solution for the whole family at an affordable price. »

Built-in carrying handle, storage case and optional battery SELPHY CP790 Photo Printer allows users to print anywhere, wherever they are — no computer required.

Intelligent printing — there is nothing easier

In the SELPHY CP790 has everything you need for quick prints of professional quality. Thanks to the tilt LCD display with 3-inch and Easy-Scroll Wheel to them very easy to manage. Built-in PictBridge port and memory card slots let you print images directly from a variety of digital cameras and memory cards, so no need to connect the SELPHY CP790 to the PC. Available even print directly from mobile phones via infrared port or optional adapter Bluetooth.

SELPHY CP790 — a fast, versatile and easy photo printer that produces professional-quality prints in postcard format in just 47 seconds. Large selection of optional paper cassette allows you to print the image size L, widescreen or credit card size and mini stickers. In the SELPHY CP790 dye sublimation printing method is used, providing a clear quality photos and a special coating serves to protect images against accidental splashes, spills and grease. SELPHY CP790 offers quality for centuries: each print can be stored in an album and 100 years. This is a great way to keep your precious family memories.

In the new implemented a wide range of features for automatic correction of images, such as removing red eye, improve skin color and noise reduction that automatically enhance the quality of photos. The «My Colors allows you to quickly add special effects such as Sepia, Vivid, Positive Film, black and white mode.

Entertainment and Creativity

Any family can personalize your photos using a variety of creative features built into the SELPHY CP790. It is possible to put the pictures in «photo diary», available in six different ways in which there is room for titles, six background colors and 17 fun stamps. The images in «photo diary» is easily crop and enlarge, and a shooting time can be removed from the photo and move to a page photo diary.

Package of «smart» software SELPHY Photo Print for Mac and PC lets you quickly and easily implement print with hints on the screen and voice instructions.

Using a stylish, compact, simple and smart SELPHY CP790, anyone, regardless of previous experience and training can create professional-quality photos. With a large selection of creative features and user-friendly features, this photo printer is ideal for families who like to create together and share the best memories.


Print media. The following print media:

* The format of a postcard (100 mm x 148 mm) — (KP-36IP, KP-72IP/IN, KP108IP/IN)
* Large format (100 mm x 200 mm) — (KW-24IP)
* Your credit card (54 mm x 86 mm) — (KC-36IP)
* Credit card size stickers (KC-18IF)
* Mini labels on credit cards — eight stickers per card (KC18IL)


SELPHY CP790 comes with a disk Canon Solutions Disk, which contains a universal and intuitive software for managing, storing and printing images from a PC, including:


* SELPHY Photo Print 1.0
* SELPHY CP790 Printer Driver 1.0 for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP SP2-3, Vista 32-bit/64-bit (including SP1)


* SELPHY Photo Print 1.0
* SELPHY CP Printer Driver 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.4-10.5

By purchasing this product, you also get access to the portal CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, where you will have 100 MB of virtual space to create their own galleries.


* BU-30 Bluetooth Adapter
* CA-CP200 Compact Power Adapter
* NB-CP2L battery
* PCC-CP300 Paper cassette-sized map
* PCL-CP300 Paper cassette size L
* PCW-CP100 Paper cassette for wide-

Canon Selphy Printer CP800

Today, Canon introduced a new Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP800, you can easily and quickly create professional-quality photos at home. The new model, replacing SELPHY CP780, has a number of improvements. The printer is made in a slim and elegant design, is equipped with many innovative functions and is characterized by the increased convenience in use.

SELPHY CP800 is perfect for those who need a convenient printer that provides high-quality photos at the touch of a button. A choice of black or white body color. Printed photos can be stored in a personal or family photo album. The printer will also appreciate the small companies offering instant print service or print photos to documents on the spot.

The simplicity and high speed

With the SELPHY CP800, users can create excellent quality prints in just a few seconds, even if they have never been involved in printing. The printer has a simple and intuitive user interface, large buttons and rotating LCD screen diagonal of 6.2 cm (2.5 inches). Just select the photos — and just over 47 seconds you will get professional-quality prints with excellent gradation tonov1.

Possible to print directly from compatible maps pamyati2 or any device that supports PictBridge, for example, with a photo or video. SELPHY CP800 also print from USB-nakopitelya3 or mobile telefona4, providing instant results without having to use a computer.

Printing photos consistently high quality

For best results, SELPHY CP800 is equipped with auto image stabilization, which analyzes a person, contrast and brightness of images, and then corrects the deficiencies, so that your photos are always bright, clear and of good quality. The effect of «smooth skin» to hide the skin imperfections to create stunning portraits, but if you adjust the brightness manually to improve the quality of prints.

Technology transfer Dye sublimation creates a smooth transition of tones and makes the image more glossy, so you get the picture quality of which is absolutely different from the indentations made in a professional photo lab. Paint dries instantly, and the photos are ready for use immediately after printing. A special coating protects them from moisture and keeps brightness and color saturation for 100 years5 when stored in an album. SELPHY CP800 can print on media sizes, including postcards, L6 format and the format of credit karty7.

SELPHY CP800 also offers a variety of layouts. Layout ID Photo allows you to print photos on the documents on one sheet. Mixed layout allows you to combine photos into original compositions, demonstrating their creative abilities. The «My Colors» provides more opportunities for creativity by choosing a different color settings: Vivid, Neutral, «» sepia, «» Positive Film «and» black and white. »

Connect the SELPHY CP800 to your computer and install the easy to use software SELPHY Photo Print — and you can decorate pictures frames, inscriptions and drawings, using an intuitive interface with voice prompts.

An optional battery pack for model SELPHY CP800 provides full-featured mobile printing on the go. Protective cord, for example, lock Kensington, secured in a special slot on the printer, providing additional protection devices.

The main characteristics of the SELPHY CP800:

* Stylish and compact photo printer
* The tilt LCD screen diagonal of 6.2 cm (2.5 inches)
* Print speed — less than one minuty2
* Wide range of formats, media
* Automatic Red-Eye
* Direct printing from memory cards, cameras and USB-nakopitelya3
* Durability of prints up to 100 years2
* Print your photos on the documents (ID Photo Print)
* Additional battery
* Software with speech tips

Transfer Dye sublimation

In SELPHY printers use printing technology to help transfer Dye sublimation to produce prints with a traditional photofinishing quality. This process is especially important for printing, because the color is transferred directly to the final product. Steady light reflected from the finished print creates a sense of mellowness, gloss and richness. The total reproduction range of 16.77 million colors, due to which the printer SELPHY ensure brightness and smoother tones inherent in a professional photofinishing prints.

Longevity of prints — up to 100 years

Printer SELPHY provides rich, crisp prints that are resistant to fading and humidity for 100 let8. Long-lasting protective coating is applied at the end of the printing process to protect the photos from falling into the liquid and fingerprints. To prevent the spreading and the appearance of the fingerprint images are derived from the device is already dry and ready for use at the time of printing is complete.

Predetermined printing costs

Since the ink and paper used in the printing process at the same time, each print SELPHY has a predetermined value. Thus, you can easily control the costs of photocopying. To print only the desired pictures you can preview images on the color tilt LCD screen 6.2 cm (2.5 «).

Media Types

The following print materials:

* Format of the postcards (KP-36IP, KP-72IN, KP-108IN);
* Size L (KL-36IP) 9;
* Credit Card (KC-36IP) 9;
* Format of the labels on credit cards (KC-18IF) 9;
* Mini-stickers (KC-18IL) 9.

Printing photos on the documents, and mixed models

ID Photo Layout feature enables printing on one sheet of three photographs for identification cards of different formats in two copies, in accordance with the format of the print media placed in the printer.


* 60 x 51 mm (2,4 x 2,0 inches);
* 45 x 35 mm (1,8 x 1,4 inches);
* 40 x 30 mm (1,6 x 1,2 inches).

Format L:

* 45 x 35 mm (1,8 x 1,4 inches);
* 40 x 30 mm (1,6 x 1,2 inches);
* 30 x 24 mm (1,2 x 0,9 inches).

Images are distributed on the sheet so that they can be easily cut. This ensures convenience ispolzovaniya10.

The function Shuffle Layout allows you to place pre-selected images (8 or 20) on a single sheet of paper in the form of a certain layout. You can specify the horizontal or vertical orientation, as well as white or black background. Similar principles of layout makes the printing process more creative.

Improving print quality thanks to the automatic automating image

* Adjust brightness: it provides better exposure image when you print.
* Face Detection: detects faces and corrects the brightness and color balance to produce high quality portraits.
* Adjust colors: white balance correction in those cases when, due to background colors or lighting conditions image looks unnatural.
* Noise: clear and accurate transmission of texture and skin tone due to the elimination of noise and irregularities.
* Intelligent Contrast Correction: Improving graduation and getting more natural colors after correction. Also eliminates the overexposure of the background (brightness correction).

Support for flash memory and USB memory cards SDXC Users can print photos directly from the set of compatible cards pamyati8 (including SDXC) or any PictBridge-enabled device such as a camera or camcorder. SELPHY CP800 also allows you to print from a flash memory or mobile USB11 telefonov12 immediately to get prints without a computer.


* Set of batteries NB-CP2L;
* Carry Case DCC-CP2;
* Adapter Bluetooth BU-30;
* Paper cassette format L [PCL-CP300];
* Paper cassette format cards [PCL-CP300].

1For print on postcard.
2Dopolnitelnaya information contained in the specifications.
3Nekotorye types of image files or a USB-devices can not be supported. Additional information is contained in the specifications.
4Trebuetsya optional adapter.
5Pokazatel 100 years was obtained during the accelerated tests. For more information, see specifications.
6Trebuetsya additional paper tray PCL-CP300.
7Trebuetsya additional paper tray PCC-CP300.
8Dopolnitelnaya information contained in the specifications.
9Trebuetsya additional paper cassette.
10Printer SELPHY automatically disposes of 3 images of different formats on one sheet. Additional function ID Photo Layout includes several formats adopted in different countries.
11Podderzhka types of image files and the USB-devices is carried out selectively. Additional information is contained in the specifications.
12Trebuetsya an optional adapter.

Canon Selphy Printer ES40

Canon has introduced the first compact photo printer with voice guidance. The new model SELPHY ES40 — easy to use, high-quality photo printer with features art print, equipped with voice instructions.

SELPHY ES40 — compact photo printer series leading Canon SELPHY, providing professional quality with maximum ease of use. DIGIC II processor provides the technology of automatic image optimization, which detects and corrects gaps: adjusts color and brightness of individuals, eliminates red-eye removal and reduces the noise level, allowing you to quickly produce high-quality prints.

Printing with voice guidance

Voice Guide was created to help users of all ages learn the principles of art printing. Clear instructions — for example, «Choose color» or «Select Print Area» — doing work with the device extremely easy. Voice guidance will help to avoid major problems with printing, timely notice of the replacement of paper or ink cartridge.

Photo Printer SELPHY ES40 features a bright LCD screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 230 thousand pixels, Easy-Scroll Wheel and large buttons. This provides simplicity and convenience of print management, as well as viewing and selecting images.

Quickest way to a result

SELPHY ES40 is very easy to install, which allows almost immediately to start work. You can start printing in about 8 seconds after turning on the printer. With two high-performance image processing SELPHY ES40 creates prints P for 55 seconds, and the size L — in just 47 seconds, eliminating the tedious wait.

Simple functions for creative freedom

Photo Printer SELPHY ES40 help you realize your creative ideas and imaginatively designed to create photos or mementos for loved ones. In the art print you can use 12 templates for creating color calendars with your own images, add photographs to friends and family members stamps, inscriptions, or clip art, and art prints to decorate outside. In addition, images can be combined in one of six kinds of layouts to help create a unique gift for loved ones.

In the art printing available set of effects, which can be viewed before printing. The effect of «smooth skin» helps to improve skin tone reproduction and achieve optimal quality portraits of your friends and relatives. Effects such as faded edge, «» soft focus «or» starlight «gives a snapshot of originality and professional look.

ES40 photo printer supports up to 15 types of memory cards for digital cameras — for this at the top of the device has a special connector. Also has a PictBridge port for direct connection to compatible cameras. SELPHY ES40 even supports memory cards microSD, making it easy to print images taken with a mobile phone. Additionally, the model can be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter for wireless printing images directly from your mobile phone.

In ES40 cartridge used Easy Photo Pack, containing the film and with paint and paper. Everything you need for quick and easy snapshots — insert the cartridge into the printer. Each photograph can be stored in an album and 100 years. SELPHY ES40 — a wonderful tool for creative printing images, allowing to preserve family memories for future generations.

When connected to a computer program ES40 SELPHY Photo Print provides the user with even more material for creativity.
With the ultra-compact SELPHY CP780, anyone can create lab-quality prints in a formation of sizes. Only join a camera or retentiveness record, pinch a button, and in lower than an instant your exposure is ripe.

Canon Selphy Printer

Canon Selphy Printers give you the freedom to print stunning photos whenever and however you want. Get professional photolab-quality prints straight from your compatible camera, memory card or mobile phone. No computers, no hassle. Easy, compact, versatile and fun. That’s the Canon Selphy Printers way. Make it your way.

Canon Selphy Printer. The addition of this new device to the Canon printer line-up further demonstrates the Canon commitment to providing consumers with high-quality digital imaging solutions at an affordable price,» said Yuichi Ishizuka, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon USA. This is the small Canon Selphy printer great for home picture printing.

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